Explore Papua Korowai Tribe Tree People 8D 7N

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Explore Papua Korowai Tribe Tree People 8D 7N

In the south of New Guinea islands lies a rainforest low land region accupied by the Korowai tribe or tree people where canibalism were practiced. The Tree people are living in a remote region of the lowland but hot and humid in a rainforest of Western New Guinea/West Papua. The Korowai Tribe can be identified from their culture which are covered from the house built in high tree in order away from their enemy, or the dangers of flooding and unfriendly animals on the forest floor. This fantastic towering piece of architecture is a perfect illustration of the Korowai’s incredible knowledge, skill and ingenuity in adapting to the demanding jungle environment. The tribe show great resourcefulness as all the materials they build their treehouses from can be found in and around the surrounding jungle.

Tour Price : 1.950 USD

Price Includes :

  • Two ways flight tickets Via Trigana Air DJJ – Dekai & Dekai – DJJ
  • Two ways Land Transport fee from Dekai – Port – Port – Dekai
  • Two ways Motorized Canoe fee from Logbon – Mabul – Mabul – Logbon
  • Accomodations + Kitchen
  • 2 nights stay in a hotel or at local house in Dekai before & after tours
  • 3 days activities with local people as explained on the itinerary Day 04-06
  • Foods and Bevarages
  • Guide fee
  • Cook
  • Local Guide + Porters

Price Excludes :

  • Handycrafts or Souveniers
  • All subjects beyond to the price inclusion


Day 01 : Jakarta – Jayapura ( L+D)

  • On arrival in Sentani airport and take a short transfer to a ahotel, heck in. We will get the some food supplies that needed during the expedition in Korowai teritories

Day 02 : Jayapura – Dekai (B+L+D)

  • After breakfast, check in at the airport and flying to Dekai. On arrival in Dekai the capital of Yhukimo regency, we will not directly go to Korowai tribe, but we will stay one night in Dekai and explore around while everything is getting prepared. Overnight stay at hotel or guest house. Dinner will be provided. (Flight approx, 45 minutes – 1 hour / depends on weather condition).

Day 03 : Dekai – Logbon – Mabul (B + L +D)

  • After breakfast then early morning you will be transfered to the port of Logbon. Your motorized canoe will be already in the port waitting for you. After stuffs are loaded in then start ride up to Korowai teritories trhough Braza river untill you will catch Mabul port which is the last stop then from here you will go into the jungle with porters to see and experience with local. Lunch will be provided on the way. After arrived in Korowai home you will be organized to sleep in guest house or in the tree house. Dinner will be provided. ( Ride approx 8-9 hours / depends on river conditions

Day 04-06 : Explore & Experience & Enjoy Some Activities With Locals

You will spend these 3 days with locals to see, experience and enjoy some activities that you never seen and experienced before and we totally ensure you that these experiences are gonna be your long life experiences. In this trip you will learn and experience how Korowai people build a high tree house, Care makan which means huntings eg. Foods, Pig/Snake/birds etc, how to effort sago from the stem of sago palm, Timba kali which means dry off the river in order to catch the fishes by hand. All these activities can be done at the different villages. During these activities your lunch and dinner will be provided on the spot. Overnight stay in the jungle in the tree house or guest house. (Time approx is unpredicted this depends on activities and each field conditions).

Day 07 : Mabul – Logbon – Dekai

  • After breakfast, catch your motorized canoe and ride back to Logbon port and catch your car then drive continue back to Dekai. Lunch will be provided on the way back to Dekai. On arrival in Dekai overnight stay at hotel or guest house and your dinner will be provided.

Day 08 : Dekai – Jayapura

  • After breakfast, then proceed to the airport to check in and you will fly back to Jayapura in the morning. On arrival you will be proceed to a hotel in Sentani and after check in into the hotel, you will enjoy your relaxation time by visiting Mac. Arthur monument & its museum on the top of Ifar Gunung then from here you will see amazing view of lake Sentani and Sentani city. And from here you will go to the floating restaurant of Youga for a lunch at lake Sentani then going back to hotel to take rest. Dinner at Mickey resto.

Day 09 : Ends Of Service

  • After breakfast, go checki in at the airport and fly to next destinations.

Things to bring

  • First aid box,
  • Camera,
  • Light or Matches
  • Small Money
  • Identification Document
  • Plastic bags
  • Raingear (water proof jacket, hood for the backpack, trousers)
  • Sun glasses and hat, sun blocker
  • Hiking sticks
  • Hiking boots
  • Sewing kit
  • Gloves
  • Additional clothing
  • Fleece hat
  • Torch or head torch
  • Hiking socks
  • Pocket knife or similar tool (I prefer Leatherman)
  • Additional shoelaces

Important Note

  • Make sure that you are in good condition
  • Participants must be under 60 years old
  • If you have personal problem related your body’s condition let us know early before the trip is started.
  • If you can not continue the trekking let us know to find you an option.
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